1st Team  - Marianna Day, Grace Henslee, Julianna Holland, Maura Mears, Belle Mrohs, Kate Stephens
2nd Team - Olivia Courtney, Eve Sarbanes, Taylor Swann
Honorable Mention - Nia Barnes, Meaghan Collins, Mia Kinsey, Caroline Pusey

ESIAC Conference -
Aron Lankford, Jerri Lankford, Addie Merrill, Abbi Nechay

Congratulations to Hailey Bitters on being selected to the 2018 U-17 Womens National Team!!!

Congratulations to the following Shore Byrds for their

2017 season honors!

2nd Team All-American - Ashlyn Carr


Ashlyn Carr - 2017 Delaware State Player of the Year

1st Team All- State - Hailey Bitters, Ashlyn Carr, Mackenzie Estrada, Peyton Kemp

2nd Team All - State - Morgan Fletcher, Logan Walls

Henlopen Conference

1st Team -Hailey Bitters, Ashlyn Carr, Mackenzie Estrada,Morgan Fletcher, Peyton Kemp, Jordan Moore, Logan Walls

2nd Team - Angelina Arter, Morgan Bradford, Mya Kemp, Paige Lynch, Madison Moore

Honorable Mention - Kelly Davis


1st Team All - State - Lainie Pruitt, Jerri Lankford, Aron Lankford

2nd Team All - State - Maura Mears

Bayside Conference  -

Offensive Player of the Year - Lainie Pruitt     Defensive Player of the Year - Laney Marsh

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